Innova Sozialwerk e.V.

Nachqualifizierung von Pflegehilfskräften (200-Std.-Programm) # Start im August 2024 # Weitere Informationen unter "Medizin und Pflege"


Education in dialogue – this is our concept.

Our main focus is on developing the skills and resources of our students and on the other side paying attention to their concerns, desires, hopes and fears. We offer technical and educational competences of our teachers, as well as modern rooms and innovative teaching material and media.

Since 1991 we train students for medical and nursing professions. Therefore we have a lot of experience and capability. Furthermore, we cooperate with many other institutions of nursing care and more social organizations, e.g. with medical practices. The cooperation between the hospital ´Altenburger Land GmbH´ and the educational institution ´Innova Sozialwerk e.V.´ build together the vocational school ´Krankenpflegeschule gGmbH´ and ensure the best education from one source.

Every year, around 100 students begin with their training to finally achieve a graduation in medical or nursing professions. The achievement of the degree further on gives our students the possibility to further education in this field.